biggest challenge you are facing in your tech journey

What is the biggest challenge you are facing in your tech journey? – 12 Challenges 2022

Tech challenges

The biggest challenge you are facing in your tech journey nowadays technology is beneficial in our lives. We use technology in every factor of our lives. We use technology in our business, education and whatever it is, technology has become an important part of our life. Tech is a kind of industry which is changing continuously in their update or features. There are more and more new alternations and challenges every year in their tech fields. So they must have to prepare themselves for new challenges or obstacles in their fields.

Now we will discuss the biggest challenges facing in our tech journey and also how to compensate for them. (biggest challenge you are facing in your tech journey)

biggest challenge you are facing in your tech journey

Although technology is making our lives easy but there are some challenges that we have to face in our tech journey.

These are:

  • Complexity
  • Adopting technology
  • Protection from Cyber risks
  • Prospering with Maintaining agility
  • Arranging valid priorities
  • Fluctuation in culture mindset
  • Rate of digital adaptation
  • Assuring protection
  • Training employees for new technologies
  • Remain on the cutting edge technology
  • Driving traffic
  • Formulating parameters of attainment

Now we will discuss them one by one in detail


Nowadays, technology providers are inventing new and new tools to improve or enhance their services. They are doing their best to optimize their services. These new tool features help us at a good level of productivity. They compete even with complex tasks easily with time.

The biggest challenge arises that this complexity in new and new tools is increasing with time. Because these new features or updates are rolling out so rapidly that it became quite difficult for us to adopt these new features, tools and updates. We essentially have many systems that depend upon each other which are quite complex and confusing for us and also create hindrances unconsciously in productivity.

Complexity in advanced technology

Adopting technology

When new technology is invented. It is then tested by business professionals and then they teach their employees and all others who put their efforts to adopt them and tell them whether it is suitable for people or not. (biggest challenge you are facing in your tech journey)

The problem arises that it takes a lot of time the adoption of new technologies and understand them very good. The first thing is it is time-consuming and another big challenge is that the employees practice the new tech and try to adopt them. But even after so much time-consuming, they understand it does not meet their requirements, it will not appreciate them. So it is the biggest challenge in my opinion to adopt new technologies.

difficulties in adopting new technology

Protection from cyber crimes

First of all, understand what are cyber crimes. Cyber crimes are those that are done by the internet( network of connections). In simple words, the works that are done illegally on the internet by computer, are set under the definition of cyber crimes.

With time, new technologies are introduced. Also, there is a main risk of crimes. There are many kinds of crimes like child abuse, child pornography, committing fraud, extorting(stealing) identities, intellectual property and violating privacy. So the users are worried about these kinds of crimes and also these are set back for technology providers.

Prospering with Maintaining agility

In simple words, it means growing but maintaining dexterity or activeness. The business grows but the maintenance of development is really a big task. It is quite difficult to do that. Many workers are working in tech (as we are talking about challenges about tech). The tech industry nowadays is expanding very rapidly. They are inventing new and new technologies. So maintaining and balancing between the new members and new technologies to hit the goals at a good level without losing the courage of the company or maintaining agility is a challenge.

Arranging valid priorities

Digital transformation is a marathon. When we start a business, we can’t expect the results to come very quickly after their start and they must be accurate and positive. First, start a tech business, they should plan all of the stuff of their journey. They have to work hard very well to achieve their goal.

The problem is that it is not compulsory that we make a plan and after that we achieve it. There are chances that our work consumes a lot of time but it can’t work because of setting up wrong priorities. It will affect productivity. So it is also a challenge to set up the right priorities for the tech industry for better productivity.

Fluctuations in cultural mindset

As we know that digital adaptation is the change we work on and emphasises digital culture in addition to the upgrade existing technologies or techniques and inventing new technologies.

When people come into digital culture, they shift themselves from customers to digital as they spend more time in technology. But the hurdle is whether they will be able to adapt themselves to the digital culture mindset or not. The digital culture changes things in many ways. But the positive answer is important. So it is also a challenge.

Rate of digital adaptation

It is also the biggest challenge to maintain the trends and new technologies. Nowadays, we are seeing that new and new technologies are developing so rapidly that it is kind of a marathon or a race. It is quite difficult to maintain it.

But the question is whether we are ready for all of this. We have competitors to use these kinds of technologies. So, Yeah it is also a challenge for us.

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Assuring protection

Security is always an afterthought for many years. Companies don’t think about strengthening their security but it is the first thing after all other stuff. They know well about cyber crimes and become victims and pay a lot of wealth.

So, it is quite a necessary thing for companies to enhance their security so they can almost get rid of cyber crimes because so many businesses are now digital so they should take privacy or protection seriously.

Training employees for new technologies

As I have said earlier that new and new technologies are developing right now. It is not only a task to invent new technology and that’s all. The problem is that it after inventing they are tested by employees but it is quite difficult or you can say a challenge to train them for new technologies.

Remain on the cutting edge technology

Artificial intelligence and computer illusion(vision) are new technologies. The tools, algorithms and frameworks change at a great rate every year. It is a good thing for those who love innovation and also love to explore but yet it is a challenge. It is difficult to do that. Companies should hire smart people with better skills to remain their employees on the cutting edge of Technology.

Driving traffic

The traffic on any of the sites depends upon the search engine. We have to use correct keywords, the page and off-page SEO, improve backlinks profiles and create high-quality content. These are the factors on which traffic depends. But it is not as easy as it seems. It is a hurdle.

Defining parameters of attainment

First of all, what is the productivity paradox? It is a suggestion that technology is beneficial for business but why there is no improvement.

If there is no improvement then what is the use of any kind of new technology? Defining the parameters of success is also a great hurdle.


We have discussed some of the biggest challenges in detail. There are also ways to overcome them like always trying to make a good plan, sticking to it and prioritising the best technologies and also trying to hire smart people that help them to improve their skills of employees.

biggest challenge you are facing in your tech journey

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