How to drive traffic on a website - Business Website

How to drive traffic on a website – Business Website

Traffic is the most important for any website. How to drive traffic on a website. Traffic means how many people are coming to the website and checking it out. The more the people engage with your website, the more they see and click on the ads and your business will grow. Traffic plays an important role in the growth of a website and money also. 

Here I am giving some of the main tips to increase or drive traffic to a website.


The tips are:

  1. Content creation
  2. Article expertise
  3. Website analysis 
  4. Work with influencers
  5. Community Engagement 
  6. On-page SEO
  7. SEO tools
  8. Voice search optimization 
  9. Local SEO
  10. Internet linking 
  11. CTR optimisation 
  12. Target keywords 
  13. Promote content on social

Content creation:

The main tip to improve traffic is to provide the best quality content. If your content is incredible and extraordinary then you will gain more traffic. The first thing that you should know before writing content is who is your audience. Write in the tone for whom you’re writing. They will engage with your article and they read it. You should also know what kind of words your audience is using for searching their perspectives. 

Article expertise:

The next tip is also related to content. If you want to rank your article. Then you should write an article like expertise. Let’s say there is an article on the topic of “fertilizer business.” You should cover all the aspects of this business. Like what are fertiliser businesses, their benefits, long keywords and more importantly related keywords and easy words etc. In simple words, if you write all the aspects of the relative topic then the article will be great and there will be chances for a rank of the article.

Website analysis:

You should analyze your website, and keep checking on it. We can check your website on so many platforms e.g Crazy Egg. You can examine how many visitors you’re gaining and how many losing with time duration. It is important for analysing. 

Work with influencers:

To promote any of the websites, the best budget-friendly thing you can do is to work with influencers. You offer discounts and giveaways. This task is for influencers. They provide discount codes, giveaways, links and reviews for your business or website. In this way, people come to your website and your traffic will increase. 

Community Engagement:

If the community knows your brand, then definitely your website’s traffic increases. For this, community engagement plays an important role. You can do this by making Facebook groups and doing discussions about your band and also can do discussions in the relevant group. You should answer the questions from the audience. Take feedback and reply to it also. It increases traffic.

On-page SEO:

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. On-page SEO helps to rank your website higher. In simple words, on-page means the material present on the page for the audience. It includes page titles, meta descriptions, URLs etc. 

SEO Tools:

If you want to analyze your website like how many audiences are coming and what’s going on your website. How can you tackle all of these kinds of stuff? Some tools that help with SEO are known as SEO tools. You have to learn about SEO tools. The most used SEO tools are Google Analytics and SEMrush. These tools help you to analyse your website’s traffic. 

Voice search optimization:

Voice search optimization means that your website must be optimized for voice search. 

For example, if someone is asking smart assistants, “what is the healthy diet for a man and how many are the calories for each meal?” Like, there are three main things for voice search optimization. 

First, long keywords. The example that I quote here, is a long sentence. People use long sentences mostly for voice search. Bear the pain for finding appropriate long keywords. 

Second, appropriate answer content. Here, the man asks for diet and also calories for each meal. Your article should be optimized for this. Like, as focusing on the main things that often people ask. 

Third, it is related to second, your article must be optimized for assistants. They always go for a well-defined summary. Then you should write an appropriate summary of your content. 

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Local SEO:

If your content is for business. For example, if you’re having a restaurant and someone is searching for a restaurant, your page should be optimized for local SEO. Mostly Google uses locations for bringing the website(business) to the rank vary from person to person.

To rank, your business or in simple words drive traffic on your website. Your location, name and address must be appropriate and consistent on GOOGLE MY BUSINESS. Use tools like Foursquare and best of the Web etc for management. 

Internet linking:

Internal linking is also the most important thing for increasing traffic on a website. For example, if someone comes to your website to read some of the articles, you should provide links according to a relevant topic like in the case of business. Provide the links to your website article related to business. Because of this, a person is more likely to want to read more and more articles. Also, make your website’s interface easy and attractive and also formulate structures like pillars for internal linking. He will engage with your website whenever he wants any information related to the topics. He will visit your website. 

CTR optimization:

CTR means the rate of how many people click, view your content and read in against how many views the link of your posts. If you have published your content and your article is ranking. Then you should check out whether people are clicking on your article or not.  For CTR optimization, you must think about an attractive title (short and catchy), the meta description should be great which includes the summary type thing of your article etc. In simple words, CTR optimization is related to On-Page SEO. This will increase your traffic as well.

Target keywords:

Keywords play the most important in driving traffic. Use appropriate keywords only related to your content. Keep in your mind, that keywords must be according to the content. Write long keywords and short keywords as your wish according to the topic. Use rank keywords. This will help to increase traffic to your website.

Promote content on social media:

Promoting or advertising is the key to increasing traffic. Make social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram Twitter etc. Advertise your content. Tell them about the benefits. Promote it in a catchy way. It helps to increase traffic very rapidly.


These are the tips or main points for increasing traffic on the website. If you follow these steps then with every passing time your website will grow more and more and rank at the top of the list.

How to drive traffic on a website

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