There are three words single healthy life. How life is healthy or happier than being single?

How to live a single healthy life?

How to live a single healthy life? There are three words single healthy life. How life is healthy or happier than being single? This is the main myth and you can say a question that surrounds everywhere. So many people think that being single means being alone. But it is not true at all. You can live a happy life alone. It doesn’t mean that if you are not in a relationship it is a guilty type of thing. You can lead a more comfortable and satisfying life than being in a relationship.

Reasons why it’s better to be single?

I list here 4 reasons why remaining single is much better than in a relationship.

1. Relationships and marriage won’t necessarily make us happier

It has been thought that marriage makes life happy, romantic, joyful, etc. Its brings, to our lives. It was necessary to remain in a couple and also very good to remain under the same roof with children for decades. But now researches have shown that marriages are the no more delightful thing for almost so many people. After some time or even after a year, they start losing charm or satisfaction in their lives and broke up. So being single is much better than being in a relationship.

2. Cultivating healthier forms of love

You can enjoy your life without your family members and friends whom you love the most and they love you but behold not the toxic ones! It does not mean that romance etc is the way of love, there are more kinds of love, family and friends love.

On the other hand, romance and sexual intercourse, are considered naturally but not necessarily.

According to Epicurus, as quoted by Diogenes Laërtius

Sexual intercourse never helped anyone, and one must be satisfied if it has not harmed.

I can conclude that single life is much better than a relationship.

3. Freedom

When you are single there is a lot of freedom for you like you are not engaged with someone’s thoughts and not anyone is engaged in your thoughts. You have freedom of what you want to do you can it’s all your choice but in relationship, you are bound to your partner. So we can say that being single is a kind of freedom.

4. Self-efficiency

Self-efficiency means that being single means you are only yourself or in simple words alone. It helps to fulfil your own needs and your goals. You are capable of improving your lifestyle.

Tips to live a single healthy life

So here are some tips that help you to enjoy your life healthily being single.

  • Don’t lower your standard
  • Don’t chase anyone
  • Start a hobby
  • Learn something new
  • Learn to live with attention
  • Talk to yourself
  • Set goals
  • Journal
  • Conceal solo sex
  • Book for a trip
  • Seek therapy
  • Build your support system

Don’t lower your standard

It is the first main point that you should know is not to lower your standard. Being alone is not worry you but feeling alone worries you. You should be great that you are alone. You have time to spend with yourself and know yourself. We always want to know others their hobby etc but not ourselves. If you can’t love yourself then how do you expect someone to love you? You should love yourself and take the benefit of being single and alone.

As Aristotle said, “Knowing yourself is the key of wisdom

Don’t chase anyone

Don’t chase anyone and I mean it. If you are chasing someone, it means that they don’t want to be with you. Stop chasing and start chasing yourself. Start chasing your dreams, your goals, your development and your future rather than chasing someone.

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Start a hobby

Use this time to start new hobbies, new work and something that you forget and love to do in your childhood. Maybe there’s something that you want to do. Utilize this time and start doing what you love.

Learn something new

Our happiness is linked to how much we are progressing, how much we are learning and how much we are achieving. Listen to the podcast, and learn something new from their talks. Learning is then a process that never can complete. Do something new, learn something new and with the help of it achieve your goals.

Talk to yourself

The most important thing is that your first meeting is with yourself, your first call is with yourself, and talk to yourself. When you can understand your emotions, you can navigate your mind and feels comfortable alone.

Set goals

Set your daily, weekly, and monthly goals and utilise this time. Do your best efforts and achieve goals that will help you feel satisfied with yourself. Your goal may be monetarily or anything that you want.


Whatever you want to achieve write it in your journal. Make a journal daily. It will remind you of our goals and also write your daily small tasks or goa. The journal and goals are well interconnected to each other.

Conceal solo sex

If you are single it does not mean that you can not enjoy pleasures. You can do to make yourself happy by masturbating. Buxani Murpuri said “Masturbate every other day,” which will help to boost mental health“.

Book for a trip

What if you are single? You can still enjoy a trip. If you love travelling, book your ticket and go to your favourite places. You can enjoy a trip alone. You can enjoy a trip without sending your money to another person.

Seek therapy

If you find out that your mental health is not right, do not be afraid to see a doctor. He will help you to control your emotions. You will feel much better after seeking therapy from your doctor and also by following his precautions very well.

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Build your support system

Whatever it is, you are alone or anything like that. Your friends and family support you. If you have toxic family and friends avoid them. But if you have supportive family and friends, just build your support system. They will support you in every hour of your need.

Final thoughts

I will suggest you love yourself, be involved in yourself and give time to yourself and value yourself and also don’t think about toxic people. They just want to involve other’s life and nothing else. You can lead a single healthy life with all these tips.

How to live a single healthy life?

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