What do you understand by ROI?

What do you understand by ROI?

You understand by ROIROI stands for Return On Investment” which is used by investors in the business. It is a mathematical formula that is used to analyze how a good investment has performed. 

How to calculate ROI?

It is calculated by dividing the net profit by the cost of investment multiplied by 100(in percentage).


                         “OR in %”


ROI shows investors the profit gains in the business by doing investments in that business. 


An investment has a profit of $500 and the cost of investment is $600 then ROI is 0.83 and in terms of percentage is 83.3%

We calculated it by the above-given formula. 

Good ROI:

According to analysis, approximately an annual ROI of 7% or more is considered a good ROI for investments.

Benefits of ROI:

Some of the main benefits of ROI are:

  1. Better calculation of revenue:

The first advantage of ROI is that it relates net income to divide with the better calculation of revenue. Because all managers know that their work will be judged that how they take the use of assets to gain profit. (you understand by ROI)

  1. Aligning goals:

ROI ensures aligning goals between firms and divisions. Any rise in divisional ROI helps to improve the ROI of an entire business.

  1. Comparative analysis:

Another advantage of ROI is that it helps to analyze the comparison between how much profit is generated and how much assets are used to gain that profit. 

  1. ROI indicates other perspectives:

If a business has good ROI it means that this business has good promotional, marketing and expense management strategies.

Highest ROI Businesses:

Here is the list of some of the highest ROI businesses. 

  • Rental real estate
  • Real estate investment trusts
  • Real estate syndication
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Coaching
  • Fast Food restaurants
  • Gas and oil businesses
  • Affiliate marketing 
  • Social media management 
  • Agricultural business
  • Fashion and designing

Rental real estate:

In this business, people buy family houses and condos. They give it to rent. Some people give separate floors or even one room to one person in rent. This is rental real estate. Real estate in one of the best businesses. It has the highest potential ROI which is between 5% to 10% per year. 

Real estate investment trusts:

This is another type of real estate. In this, trade companies exchange stocks at a major level. They have particular real estate investments. The best way to invest. The revenues can be considerable and can be increased by 5%. 

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Real estate syndication:

In this business, investors purchase a property. They leave them. The investment period is of approximately 5 years. In this, the property value increase with every passing year. You can get double and double profit from it. It has a high ROI and easy investment. They get mainly 8% to 10% year.


Nowadays, cryptocurrencies are in high demand. In simple words, cryptocurrency is an online currency. People buy coins normally when the coin’s price (worth) is low and sell them when their worth is high. They invest in it, sell them and gain high profit. The coins are Ethereum, Bitcoin etc. 


Coaching is also the best business with a high ROI. In terms of education, it is a great choice. 

According to research in the US, the education market growing in 2026 to $2040 billion. 

The education global worth will grow up to $10 trillion by 2030. 

If you understand that education is also a business then you can do it like Nathaniel Hannan who makes $1,250 per hour as a tutor. If you invest your time and money in it then it will be a great choice with high ROI. 

Fast Food restaurants:

Who does not love fast food? Almost everyone loves it. Fast food restaurants are also on the list of best businesses. The one who invests in it can get a high ROI. These restaurants give a high return on investments. (you understand by ROI)

According to the statistics, In the US, 247191 fast food restaurants were established in 2018.

Gas and oil businesses:

If you are looking for a business and you have a high budget then this business is right for you. Gas and oil are always in demand. It has a high ROI. If you invest in this business then you gain high returns from it. 

It is like a promising business with high revenue. 

Affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing is the type of digital marketing. In simple words, it is called promoting something. In it, you have to promote others’ businesses, brands and industries. They give money for it. It is also a good business if you go for it. Because without promotion, no business can get standards so affiliate marketing is also a good option.

Social media management:

It is also a type of digital marketing like affiliate marketing. In this, you represent a brand or any kind of company. It also has a high ROI. In it, you also optimize social media apps, freelancing and many more.

Agricultural business:

The agricultural business is one of the most profitable and high-demand businesses all over the world. If there is no one for agriculture then how we will be able to eat? So it is the most important business. It also has a great ROI. Once you invest in it and also work hard then the revenue will be very much high.

Liu Young Xing has $6.6 billion worth and he is the richest farmer in the world. 

Fashion and designing:

Who can remain without fashion? 

No one. We all want to wear new fashionable and new designs of dress especially girls. This is also a great ROI. When you invest, it will give more than 7% ROI per year. This is also a profitable business. If you have a passion for fashion designing then go for it. It will prove valuable if you are dedicated to it. 


These are all good businesses with a great ROI of 7% or more than 7%. You can start any one of the businesses according to your taste. I would recommend that you always choose the business about which you have a passion and strong dedication and then stick to it, it will prove very valuable and profitable for you. Because Determination is everything and a path to success. 

you understand by ROI

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