What is a computer technology degree?

What is a computer technology degree?

A computer technology degree provides the students to explore and analyse hardware, operating systems, security protocols and networking. Examples of computer technology are multimedia, database, internet technology and digital security. In simple words, computer technology deals with the mode of computer programs and applications. 

Average salary:

In the US, the average annual salary is $35,580 or $2,965 per month for computer technology. There are many careers in this degree in which you can earn much more than this average salary.

Future of computer technology:

According to the US Department of BLS, the computer technology field from the year 2016 to 2026 is predicted to grow by 13%. By the year 2026, more than 557100 jobs are expected to be added to the field. This field is predicted to be a more growing field than other professions. Furthermore, the annual median wage in this field was $91250 in 2020 which is more than all other professions. 


 The benefits of a computer technology degree are:

  1. Financially rewarding
  2. Global opportunities 
  3. Unlock Creative and technical skills
  4. Computers are universal
  5. Specialism

Financially rewarding:

Technology is one of the most emerging trends. Computer scientists are highly paid in the world. There are so many skills. Computer technologist secures their future because there are so many career opportunities for them like they can cyber security, examine computer applications and programs and many more. So this field is future securing. 

Global opportunities:

As said earlier, technology is a vast and arising trend all over the world. So you can work all over the world. There are many opportunities for computer technologists as said first like database work or so many things.

Unlock Creative and Technical skills:

If you are interested in multimedia programming, you can use your creative and technical skills in coding. You can use your skills in graphics, developing applications and many more.

Computers are universal:

There is no field in the world where computers are not used. Computers are universal and frequently use now nowadays in hospitals, banking, fintech, finance, gaming etc. The software and field require a database, security etc. So this is also the benefit if you have done computer technology degree.


With this degree, you can explore and specialise in your interests. You have so many opportunities in these like artificial intelligence, machine learning, financial service etc. You can also work in the Agriculture department, healthcare department etc. 

Career opportunities:

As it is a vast field so you have so many career opportunities. Some of the top careers after doing computer technology are as under:

  1. Database administrator
  2. Web Developer 
  3. Big data engineer
  4. Applications architect
  5. Data Security analyst
  6. Health Information Technology 
  7. Business Intelligence Analyst
  8. Computer and Information research scientist
  9. Computer support specialist
  10. Computer systems analyst
  11. Computer systems manager 

Database administrator:

The database administrators secure the websites from unauthorised access. They provide data to users and manage the site completely. They function as software to protect and organize data. In addition to providing security to databases, they also manage, test and modify databases. As databases may also include personal information, so they also manage them. 


The average salary of a database administrator in the US is $90,717.

Web Developer:

A web developer is the one who develops new websites. They do coding, making at the back and front end, modifying pages for phones, pc etc. Their main work is to develop a website.


The average salary of a web developer in the US is $75,515 per year.

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Big data engineer:

A big data engineer does work with data scientists and business users to understand the business workflows and their objectives.

Big data engineers should know well about statistics, and programming languages mainly python and Java. They should have intense programming experience. 


The average salary of a big data engineer in the US is $136,453 per year.

Applications architect:

An applications architect works to design major elements of the applications like interface, infrastructure etc. They also do code reviews. And should have good communication skills and coordination. They work in collaboration with stakeholders, so they also have the ability to work with teams. 


The average salary of an applications architect in the US is $127,324 per year.

Data security analyst:

As the name suggests, they work to secure the data. They work to analyze the security of the sites. They always check out the new rules and regulations of security. In short, their duties are to analyze all the key aspects like encryption technology, network security, firewall administration etc.


The average salary of a data security analyst in the US is $86,004 per year. 

Health Information Technology careers:

In HIT, there are two terms, health and technology. In this, technology is used in medical facilities like electronic medical records, billing and coding systems etc.


The average salary of HIT careers in the US is $48,270 per year.

Business Intelligence Analyst:

A business intelligence analyst works in developing data analysis and designing. They also record solutions and communicate outcomes. Furthermore, also give recommendations to seniors for business. They should have great database technology knowledge. They should know well about python and SQL which is useful in documenting. 


The average salary of a business intelligence analyst in the US is $81,148 per year. 

Computer and information research scientist:

Computer and information research scientist works to develop or discover new technologies. They also work to innovate the existing computer technology.


The average salary of a computer and information research scientist in the US is $118,370 per year.

Computer support specialist:

A computer support specialist provides support and advice for the users. They do regular testing and maintain the network systems. 


The average salary of a computer support specialist in the US is $30,564 per year.

Computer systems analyst:

The computer systems analyst analysis the problems in the computer systems and also solve the issues. Computer system analysts should know the database work and data processing systems to recognize the problems or issues present in systems or technology.


The average salary of a computer systems analyst is $77,751 per year.

Computer systems manager:

The computer systems manager administers the overhead of hardware and software of the computer. They implement all technologies, privacy policies, network security etc. They analyse proper data systems. 


The average salary of a computer systems manager is $86,810 per year.

Final thoughts:

Computer technology is a good profession. It has a high demand. It has several career opportunities. In addition to this described field, there are also many more e.g network architect, network manager, network designer, network engineer,  computer scientist, AI specialist, cybersecurity strategist, software architect, software manager, software engineer and software developers etc.

Computer Technology Degree

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