What is augmented reality?

What is augmented reality?

What is augmented reality? The literal meaning of augment is “enhance, improve”. So in simple words, it means the reality which is enhanced by some source. It is also called mixed reality.

Augmented Reality means that the real world is enhanced, improved or modified by some sensory modalities which include visuals, olfactory, auditory, and haptic. The real-life experience is boosted by using technology, and computer-generated perceptual data.


Augmented Reality was developed by Ivan Sutherland at Harvard in 1968. He is also known as the “father of computer graphics.” He created an AR head-mounted display system.


There are many examples of augmented reality like Snapchat, Pokémon Go, google glass etc.  Snapchat is one of the most popular messaging and filter apps. It uses AR. Pokémon GO also uses AR technology.  Google glass is a gadget that works well like a phone but operates virtually. It used Augmented Reality.

Elements of Augmented Reality:

There are three elements of AR are:

  1. An assortment (combination) between physical and digital worlds.
  2. Physical and visual world valid 3D designation.
  3. Interactions in the actual(real) time.

Types of Augmented Reality:

Augmented Reality consists of  four types:

  1.  Augmented Reality based on overlay
  2. Augmented Reality based on location
  3. Augmented Reality based on contour
  4. Augmented Reality based on projection

Future of Augmented Reality:

The AR market is predicted to grow by $97.76 billion in 2028. 

The augmented reality market will go to rise with every passing year. Metaverse also uses AR technology. So it has great worth in future. 


The advantages of Augmented Reality are listed below:

  1. It creates good interaction between people over long distances but they are virtual users with knowledge who can share experiences easily.
  2.  It improves users’ knowledge.
  3. It also helps in educational purposes.
  4. AR has enhanced technology 
  5. It is easy to use.
  6. Augmented Reality is also beneficial in business.


The advantages of Augmented Reality are listed below:

  1.  The main drawback of AR is it is expensive. It is not affordable for everyone.
  2. There are various security and privacy crises.
  3.  It becomes an addiction for most people.
  4. It causes many health problems like mental dependence, eye and ear issues etc. 


There are many uses of augmented reality. Some important uses are described below:

  1. Education 
  2. Retail
  3. Games
  4. Navigation
  5. Medical
  6. Designing
  7. Business
  8. Public safety
  9. Tourism
  10. Social and web conferences


AR technology is very useful for educational purposes. It also students to learn more by using AR technology. There are many apps which this technology allow the students to learn.


Let me explain with an example. Photomath is a very well-known app for mathematics. This app uses a camera of a smartphone or tablet when you capture the picture of your question. It shows you the answer to the math-related questions.

Another is the Aurasma app which is used by astronomical students for a virtual display of solar systems in the classroom. 


Nowadays AR technology is also used for retail purposes. Everyone uses a smartphone. There are many companies which use AR technology for the enhancement of their retail.


Let me explain it with an example. There is a very well-known brand of motorcycles known as “HARLEY DAVIDSON”. This brand uses AR technology. The customers select their choice bike and then customize it on their smartphones whatever they want to. 


AR technology is also used in games. It enhanced games. In games, there becomes a link between the game and the real world. In simple words, virtual and real world. 


The most common game is “POKEMON GO”. In this game, you walk in your real world and fight with the help of Pokémon. And also capture new Pokémon in real life virtual life. As AR is a mixture of virtual and real reality so their AR technology is used to enhance games. 


AR technology makes navigation easy. If we see streets virtual so it is easy for a man to reach his destination. 


AR GPS compass is a very good navigation tool.


It has become easy for doctors to do complex surgeries with the help of AR technology. They use AR headsets which allow them to see the virtual complex organs so that they can do complex surgeries easily. 

Designing :

AR is useful in designing architectural work. It has become for architecture to build buildings because they can use AR technology for visualizing a building’s design, interior and exterior, whatever they want. They used AR headsets for this.

It is also used in designing new kinds of dresses but is most useful in architectural work.


AR is also used for business purposes. It has become easy for the workers to do their work in warehouses etc. The DHL company use AR smart glasses which help to route the nearest warehouse area. In today’s market, it is the best technique to reach a high level of ROI. 

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Public safety:

Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone. If we have any problem related to any kind of thing. For example any hotel, location, disease, earthquake alerts and weather conditions etc. These all are able due to AR technology mostly earthquakes.


AR Technology has made it possible to tourist any of your favourite places. Let we you want to take a visual trip to “walkabout” Paris. Just wear AR glasses and can enjoy your trip. 

Note: Metaverse uses this technology also.

Social and web conferences:

The meetings, chats, and filters we use on different social media apps. It is because of AR technology. The filters we use are the visuals which become prominent on our faces because of it. The bitmoji we make also because of AR.


Tiktok and Snapchat are the most popular apps which are using AR technology. 


AR technology has made our lives so easily in every aspect. Yet it has some disadvantages. But everything has its pros and cons. Just use it accurately. 

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