What kind of technology will we have in 2050?

What kind of technology will we have in 2050?


Future of technology in 2050. The world has changed very much in a few decades in terms of inventions, technologies and applications like computers, mobile phones and the internet etc. The world will change much by the year 2050. There are many mind-blowing technologies which companies are working on. There are many possible inventions which can be done in the year 2050. They are listed under Future of technology in 2050:

  1. Artificial Intelligence (robots and reincarnation)
  2. Superhuman clothing
  3. Space vacations
  4. Hyperloop
  5. Entirely Renewable Energy 
  6. Brain-computer interfaces.
  7. Augmented Reality 
  8. Virtual assistants
  9. DNA computing
  10. 4D printing

Artificial Intelligence: (reincarnation)

Artificial Intelligence means that robots can listen to the voice of humans and see their gestures. They can also have emotions (fake). They can also react to them. With evolution, the AI-enabled human robots are tremendous. Big companies like DeepMind wants to bring this type of change and they’re working very keenly. 

         Reincarnation means rebirth. It sounds weird what type of technology it is. It means that there is some kind of technology called nanobots. These nanobots can send to dead people’s brains. They are enabled to extract the memories of people and we can see them. It is some kind of rebirth of people! We can see their brain’s vision even after their death. What they want, their old memories or whatever it is. 

Superhuman clothing:

 Superhuman clothing is a kind of clothes whether shoes, suits, gloves etc. There is some kind of technology installed in it. With the help of it, they became super human with so many abilities. They can lift heavy loads even an old age person who has no power to do. This type of clothing provides strength in simple words. Recently, an exoskeleton suit is launched by Hyundai.

Space vacations:

Space vacations are another interesting prediction. People can go to other planets like Mars, Moon etc which are suitable for life. They can go on trips etc. It will be fascinating. This trip will be for rich people. The big companies of Jeff Bezos and Elon Mask which are Blue Origin and Space X respectively are making attempts to accomplish this dream into reality. There is a  possibility in the future of “space vacations.”


Hyperloop is transportation that is beyond expectations. It is founded by Tesla. According to them, it is a dome shape high-speed system that helps the system to immerse and travel in a vacuum. The transport is very high in a vacuum as compared to that of oxygen. It has been said that Hyperloop will be the global transportation in the future.  

Entirely renewable energy:

Renewable energy means generating energy continuously. We use solar panels (not all but many) to generate electricity from the Sun. We use batteries to store electric energy. But there are many countries where Sun Rays do not remain at all times. Most of the time there are clouds etc. Because of these complications according to futurists, companies are making attempts to invent solar panels the technology that they will be able to use the sunlight from overseas areas like deserts. For instance, from the Sahara desert. This light energy converts into electrical energy. It will use to light up the whole of the country. Its is possible with that kind of technology. It will prove very beneficial.

Brain-computer interfaces:

Brain-computer interface is a kind of exchange of information in a bidirectional way. These interfaces progressed neural interfaces and transferred waves to the brain. It transfers visuals, audio and other emotions.  In simple words, brain-computers create a link between the brain and technology. It is identical to reality. It will be used for persons who have mental disorders. Like, as depends on the structure of the brain functions, vary from person to person.

Augmented Reality:

Augmented Reality is also called mixed reality. It enchanted the world with the help of technology. Some companies are working on it. There are also many games like POKEMON GO which are using augmented reality. It is just a start. Not the extreme level. It needs so much improvement and is not used in our lives so much. But by the year 2050, there is the possibility of implementing this technology completely. Our lives become easy due to this. If you want to learn about Augmented Reality in detail. Read this article “ augmented reality

Virtual assistants:

The best example of virtual assistants is Alexa, Siri and Google’s assistant. We give them commands and they perform them. But according to the futurists, the future virtual assistants are like human beings in terms of performing commands. They can even understand simple words, any language. It will more convenient to use. No use of specific keywords. The world will change very much.

DNA computing:

Life is very complex than the technologies that we have made. In DNA computing, as the name suggests, we use biology to handle complex problems. DNA is made of two strands and is a double helix. These strands are linked to one other. DNA contains all the information about a person. In Artificial Intelligence as we discussed earlier that computers have the ability of a human. Companies are trying to build computers that think, work and have emotions like a human. To do all these things true, they will use DNA instead of silicon for transferring information and all of that kind of stuff. In simple words, we can manage everything with DNA. 

4D printing:

The first question that comes to your mind is that 4D is another dimension after 3D. Nope! It is not. 4D means anything changes itself according to the stimulus or in simple words surroundings and environment (heat, cold, water, stir, shake etc).


Let’s understand with the help of an example. The industries of the healthcare department make pills. The pills only activate according to the environment like temperature. When the body reaches a certain point, the pills start their work. It is 4D.

Clothes become tight at a cold temperature means at a certain point. It is also 4D. 

The object or anything changes itself according to the environment and stimulus. It detects it and then responds according to it.

Future of technology in 2050. This is mind-blowing!


These are some of the changes that we can see in the year 2050. There are so many technologies like neuromorphic hardware, volumetric displays, flying autonomous and many more. 

The world in 2050 will be an entirely different world from the present era. It will be mind-blowing and intriguing.

Future of technology in 2050

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