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Yoni Steam Seat – Everything You Know About Yoni Steam Seat

Yoni Steam Seat

Yoni Steam Seat is also known as vaginal or Y-steam seat. As the name suggests, it is for the vagina. It is used for vaginal part and uterus cleaning purposes and also regulates the menstrual cycle. It uses steam with mixed herbs that are helpful for cleansing and has health benefits. You just have to sit on the seat or chair. 


The cost of the premium Yoni steam seat is around $7199 on amazon. It is very expensive and also doctors do not recommend doing it at home. It is preferred to be done in a spa salon which costs around $80 which is expensive and even $20. But it majorly depends on where you live and from where you are taking this treatment.

Time duration:

It is recommended that you should not leave it for longer than 30 minutes. And also you can just do it 3 to 4 times a month. It is recommended to ask practitioners. They will suggest you have the best time limit following the body. 

During a menstrual cycle:

It is highly not recommended to do vaginal steaming during the menstrual cycle. It will not benefit in any way. Rather it will cause effects. It increases the circulation or flow of blood. If you are on your blood and there is an increase in the flow of blood then it will not be good for you. There are chances of losing more than normal. In simple words, it is not recommended to do so. You can use it before and after the menstrual cycle.  

Before and after the shower:

You can do it before and after the shower. But if you are doing it after the shower, then the shower helps your body to maintain a normal temperature. It prefers to take a shower with hot water but not too much just like kind of normal but more than normal. With the help of it, the yoni steam seat works more beneficial and effective.

Is yoni steam seat helps in fertility?

According to some studies, yoni steaming increases fertility and detoxifies the womb and improves energy. However, there is no scientific evidence on that. If you have infertility issues, consult with your doctor.

Is yoni steam helps in PCOS?

You can do Yoni steaming even if you do not have PCOS. Yoni steaming assists in decreasing the load of PCOS on the reproductive system. Yoni steaming helps to moisten the membrane of the uterus which helps to improve conception. When it cleans the vaginal tract, it increases blood circulation. However, it does not cure the cause of PCOS.

Safety measures:

 Safety measures and points are very important before you want to experience the yoni steam seat. It assures the health and safety of your body.

Here are some of the points to try to avoid any kind of risks and side effects. 

  1. Vagina and uterus are very sensitive. It is very delicate to temperature. Make sure you should be comfortable and satisfied with the heat or temperature. It should not be in a sense “bearing temperature.” Your vagina also is comfortable. If the temperature is more than normal (for your body), then the sensitive tissues of the vagina may burn.
  2. As I described earlier, the time duration should not exceed more than 30 minutes. It is preferred to ask from yoni steam seat practitioners.
  3. Your yoni steam seat or pot should be thoroughly cleaned. There should not be any kind of impurity. The vagina and its track are very sensitive. So any kind of impurity can also fungal infections and itchy kind of feelings.
  4. Another point is also related to cleanliness. If you are taking treatment from a spa, then asks them whether you have washed it properly or not. It is quite important.
  5. You should not do yoni steam during pregnancy. It will affect the fetus or baby’s growth. Rather, you should avoid any kind of steaming etc during the pregnancy to avoid any kind of risk.
  6. It is advised to see a doctor if you want to maintain your vagina’s PH which is disturbed due to any infections. The doctor will suggest you better option which is more effective than steaming.

Herbs used in Vaginal steaming:

V-steaming uses herbs. Some herbs are used for this purpose which includes:

  • Rosemary
  • Oregano
  • Basil
  • Mugwort
  • Wormwood
  • Chamomile
  • Calendula 

Benefits of herbal steam used in V-steaming:

The benefits of herbs that are used for steaming are given below:

  1. Herbal steam helps improve blood circulation.
  2. They help to open the pores 
  3. They remove all the dirt in the pores.
  4. They hydrate the skin.
  5. They also moisturize the skin.
  6. They remove dead cells.
  7. They also remove bacteria.
  8. They decrease the odour of the vagina.

Vaginal steaming at home:

As I said earlier, you can do it at home but you should keep the precautions in your mind. Here are the steps which you can follow to do yoni steaming at home.

Add herbs to hot water:

Take herbs of your choice and add them to the basin of hot water.

Allow herbs to soak:

After the first step, wait for at least a minute. So that herbs will steep in hot water.

Sit over the basin:

Then stand or sit on the basin directly after removing the clothes.

Cover with a towel:

Now, cover your legs and waist with a towel. So that, steam may not escape.

Time duration:

This home steaming may take the time up to 20 minutes depending on the water (how much time it takes to cool).


You must have to follow the precautions mentioned above. It is quite important. The heat, etc.

Pros of yoni steam Seats:

The pros or benefits of yoni steaming are given below:

  1. It increases blood circulation.
  2. It regulates irregular menstrual cycles according to some studies.
  3. It decreases painful periods and bloating.
  4. It can help in increasing fertility as I mentioned above.
  5. It helps to reduce pain during sexual intercourse.
  6. It decreases exhaust and fatigue.
  7. It reduces headaches.
  8. It helps to clean the vaginal tract.
  9. It helps to eliminate toxins from the body and also infections.
  10. It helps in curing haemorrhoids. 
  11. Helps to recover rapidly from postpartum, C-sections etc.
  12. It also increases energy and strength.

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Cons of yoni steam seat:

The first con and you can simply say the drawback is that there is no scientific proof or evidence on all the benefits of vaginal steaming. According to scientists, the vagina is a self-cleaning organ. It can clean it by itself. There’s no need for artificial cleaning. You just have to be hygienic.

Here I list some of the cons of yoni steaming or yoni steam seat:

  1. The vulva is very sensitive. In steam, we use steam (hot) with the herb. It may burn the vulva. 
  2. Herbs are used in it. Your vagina may be allergic to the specific herbs that you are using. It may cause severe irritation and itching. Scent herbs can also change the PH of the vagina.
  3. As I said, you are using herbs and steam which is dangerous for the vagina to expose directly and may cause fungal infections. 

Alternative to yoni steam:

Plain water is the best alternative. Just use plain water and also you can use soap (with do not do irritation), if you want but only outside the vagina not inside. Otherwise, water is best. As I mentioned earlier, the vagina is a self-cleaning organ. As there is no scientific explanation for yoni steaming.


There are pros and cons of yoni steaming. It has many benefits but is not yet proved by scientists. Besides, if you are not allergic to herbs and do not overheat then you can try it. But you should consult with practitioners.

Yoni Steam Seat

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